Instructional Design

Background: As the Senior Student Associate for Campus and Community Engagement, I create lesson materials for students grades 6-12 that relate to specially-geared Texas Performing Arts performance opportunities. The Performing Arts Academic Connection (PAAC) partnership invites students from area schools to experience the power of performing arts at a discounted rate. In collaboration with teachers and district leadership, I work to design standards-aligned lesson materials to accompany PAAC performances, usually taught for one week surrounding the performance experience. 

My role: As an instructional designer, I:

  • Collaborate with local teachers, administrators, and visiting artists to ensure high-quality instructional materials

  • Research and implement accessible, adaptable curriculum to meet the needs of all students

  • Create lesson materials that align with Texas Language Arts standards as well as standards for theatre, dance, music, and other disciplines

  • Work with the Texas Performing Arts Marketing Department to weave lessons into the performance information presentation platform, Issuu.

From 2017 — 2019, I designed lesson materials for: 

  • Trey McLaughlin and the Sounds of Zamar, a gospel music group from Augusta, Georgia

  • Ragamala Dance, a classical South Indian dance company

  • Fifth House Ensemble's Journey: LIVE, a multimedia performance experience that combines live video game play, music performance, and visual art

  • Gigglepants Improv, UT Austin’s premier short-form improv comedy group

  • Ezralow Dance's OPEN, a dynamic contemporary dance performance by the world-renowned company led by acclaimed choreographer Daniel Ezralow

  • Hum A Cappella, an ensemble comprised of UT students performing traditional South Asian music with a contemporary a cappella twist

  • The UT Chamber singers, an ensemble comprised of UT students performing world choral music with a special performance emphasis on the traditional American songbook.


Instructional Templates

I created these templates for use in all of our instructional deliverables. Templates include materials for teachers, printable student activities, and materials for presentations for schools, administrators, and donors. All templates adhere to our brand standards while organizing instruction and context in an easy-to-read, engaging format.

Interactive Worksheets

Ezralow Dance Open Lesson Cover

Ezralow Dance: OPEN Lesson Materials

Designed for students in grades 6 through 12, the lesson materials, plans, and assessments in this packet engage students' appreciation of dance from an interdisciplinary perspective, bring forth opportunities for creative play and independent multimedia research and presentation, and expose students to examples of creativity for social change all around the world.

This guide was distributed to all teachers cooperating in the performance experience. Inside, find links to all of my lesson materials and assessments.