UI Design

Background: For a graduate-level design course, I designed BassClass, an arts education mobile app for smartphones and tablets. Bass Class is meant for delivery as part of the Performing Arts and Academic Connection (PAAC) program at Texas Performing Arts, and delivers activities, lessons, and forums to middle-grade students visiting Bass Concert Hall.

My role: I spent the semester studying child development in the context of digital media design, with a specific focus on young adolescents. I designed BassClass to function seamlessly across devices and to allow teachers to differentiate assignments for each student’s success. This iteration of BassClass focuses on students’ preparation for a gospel music performance in April 2018.

Here are some of the BassClass mockups. Features pictured below include the home screen, student profile, whole-class collaborative playlist activity, individual music-mixing activity, and the whole-class questions and answers forum in which students interface with visiting artists.